Why do hotels need to install integrated bathrooms?

By WinMan 2024-02-21

Integrated bathroom, also known as integrated bathroom; It is a comprehensive bathroom solution that includes the top, bottom, walls, and all bathroom facilities. The overall bathroom is a factory made one-time molding, compact, exquisite, and fully functional, saving bathroom space and eliminating the need for a bathroom heater. It is very clean and conducive to cleanliness and hygiene. The overall utilization rate of bathrooms in residential areas has reached around 80%. The bathroom presents the quality of life for residents, and the design of the bathroom is no longer a simple combination of tiles and sanitary ware. The integrated bathroom, as a convenient bathroom, has also been favored by many consumers.

The advantages of a hotel's overall bathroom:

1. With convenience, people's concept of the overall bathroom is becoming stronger. From the initial design to after-sales maintenance, the hotel's overall bathroom can save time spent on the construction of the overall bathroom and reduce the probability of problems occurring.

2. It should be aesthetically pleasing and meet the aesthetic requirements of the bathroom, which means it should have a sense of beauty and design. The designer develops the most ideal design plan based on the hotel's decoration style and implements it to solve the problem of the bathroom being independent of the overall style of the hotel.

3. It is functional, and designers will meet the customer's needs for overall functionality when designing the bathroom. That is, they will choose all the sanitary ware in the bathroom reasonably and make full use of it. Due to the integrity of the overall bathroom product line, designers can fully select the most suitable products and combine them according to customer needs when selecting products for customers.

4. Professionalism: After selecting suitable products, designers will directly communicate with installation and construction workers. The team's stability and systematization ensure the designer's intentions and customer needs, greatly improving the overall quality of the bathroom construction.


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