What are several points to pay attention to when designing a luxury hotel's overall bathroom?

By WinMan 2024-02-21

Several points to pay attention to when designing a luxury hotel's overall bathroom:

When traveling, it is inevitable to stay in a hotel. Whether it is a regular hotel or a luxury hotel, special attention is paid to the cleanliness and hygiene of the hotel's overall bathroom. However, luxury hotels place more emphasis on unique features and design.

1: Style design; Luxury boutique hotels, with excellent facilities, perfect service, and charming design, even the bathroom decoration is not careless at all. White marble is used uniformly from the floor to the ceiling, and then embedded with gold decoration, which further highlights the cleanliness, comfort, and tidiness of the bathroom. The current design, especially the bathroom design, adopts bright colors and elegant style.

2: Functional requirements; When designing an overall bathroom, designers will meet the needs of customers for overall functionality, that is, they will choose all the sanitary ware in the bathroom reasonably and make full use of it. Due to the integrity of the overall bathroom product line, designers can fully select the most suitable products and combine them according to customer needs when selecting products for customers. Appreciation: Secondly, it is to meet the ornamental needs of the bathroom, which means there should be a sense of beauty and design. Through the study of the overall style of the client's home by the designer, as well as the personalized needs of the client, combined with the actual situation, an ideal design plan is formulated and implemented to solve the problem of the bathroom being independent of the overall home decoration style.

3: Design of floor drains; There are several floor drains in the overall bathroom of a national standard express hotel, mainly depending on the size of the room and the slope direction of the drainage. If the area is not very large, there is usually only one floor drain. Otherwise, if there are too many, it is unclear which direction the drainage will come from. If the area is large, the slope direction of the bricklayer can have two.


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