Materials and characteristics of integrated toilets

By WinMan 2024-02-21

Now, Winman will introduce to you the materials and characteristics of the integrated bathroom?

1: Model and size of prefabricated integrated bathroom

Internal dimensions: width 1300mm x length 1800mm x height 2200mm

Installation dimensions: width 1450mm x length 1950mm x height 2350mm (this integrated bathroom has multiple models and sizes)

2: Internal configuration of prefabricated integrated bathroom

Ceiling, door, floor drain, ventilation fan, mirror front light, washbasin, toilet, shower complete set, towel rack, towel rack, storage rack, square box, toilet paper box, etc

3: The main materials for prefabricated integrated toilets

The SMC molded chassis and wall panels are made of HCM composite crystal composite panels, and the ceiling is made of SMC; There are 100 colors of wall panels that can be freely matched according to your preferences

4: What are the advantages of prefabricated integrated toilets?

1. The surface of the integrated bathroom is easy to clean, and the bathroom facilities have no dead angle structure, which can achieve complete space equipment in limited space

The integrated bathroom materials currently in use have characteristics such as durability, environmental protection, carpeting, energy conservation, cleanliness, and safety.

3. It has an integrated waterproof chassis, patented waterproof reverse edge and flowing slope design, and generally has no leakage hazards;

4. The integrated bathroom transforms the bathroom, restroom, and toilet into independent units, maximizing functionality within limited space.


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